Affinnitti has a proven track record with our clients where we strive to achieve the best quality in the industry all while keeping our clients’ dead lines and budget in mind.


Affinnitti Provides full system implementation support for all cell site equipment as well as construction of tower buildings or base tower sites. Affinnitti has multiple teams dedicated to our tower division that specialize in all equipment and tower protocols.


Affinnitti has a purpose – built team dedicated to our structured cabling clients, we have cabled everything from small office spaces to mid rise commercial and residential building and everything in between, our team is dedicated to design and install our systems with all our customers current and every p ossible future need as they arise.

Audio and visual design and installation

Affinnitti can design and install the most tailored audio and visual components per your commercial space, we cater to all types of food service establishments as well as party h alls, conference rooms and office spaces.


Affinnitti offers a variety of security cameras and access control products and services to best fit your needs, most of our solutions are scalable to grow as our client grows without incurring un – necessary costs or system down times.


Affinnitti provides custom built systems to automate every aspect of your commercial and residential space to add the convenience of controlling all lighting and electrical systems from the tip of your fingers. Our systems not only add a touch of flare to your environment but also help reduce energy costs by ensuring systems are not running when not needed and can be customized to turn on or off when planned.


Affinnitti provides consulting s ervices to our clients who need them to ensure the system they select, weather ours or someone else’s, meets their needs and desires. Our consultant’s factor in price, scalability, data volume, location, and sensitivity of the client to name a few of the m any parameters before we recommend or approve a solution.