Jonathan Rodrigues

Director of Operations and Design

With over 2 decades of expertise in telecom design and installation Jonathan specializes in dedicating the correct teams to the correct jobs to ensure a smooth workflow and implementation.

Jonathan and his management team oversee every project from start to finish and beyond.

Business Development Director

Our Resident IT Expert comes from a storied background in IT Services ranging from Software p ackaging to App Development for major clients like Technip and Anadarko.

Haider takes pride in catering individually to our clients during the design process to ensure they get exactly what they need.

Haider Niazi

Travis Haynes


Industry leading project management skills and installation expertise land Travis on top of our telecom field installation operation.

Travis has been part of Major Technology changes such as the VCPe Expansion, the MX2020 Grid Probes a s well as implementat ions of these major systems in the telecom sector and specializes in DC Power and fiber projects across the nation.

Travis has been part of Affinnitti’s contribution to 5G System rollouts from the very beginning as well as all our network infrastructure ex pansion projects.


As part of Various major nationwide equipment rollouts like the Juniper MX960 Probes and the Genband G9 Expansions to name a few David has amassed excellent skills in running our projects out in the field as well as helping groom up and coming installers to be part of our team.

David Nava

Beto Perez.


Beto is another one of our DC power and Fiber Experts and specializes in all our BDCBB to equipment installations as well as our Fiber Distribution install ations across the nation.

Beto takes part in both our inside and outside plant installations making him a very versatile part of our growing team.

Quality Control Specialist

At Affinnitti we strive for the best quality installations in all our various market sectors, Ray plays a major role in overseeing all of our installations and ensuring they meet not only industry standards but our internal standards as well.

Ray continuously works with all our lead installers and project managers to make sure our projects are executed perfectly before they are turned over to our clients.

Raymond Runnions

Nelson Sucilla


Nelson has been part of the Affinnitti Automation Group Since inception and continues to assist in all installations, configurations, and service of current and future clients.

Audio Visual

“Mo” is our resident audio – visual expert and has led the teams that install and design all our audio – visual solutions as well as security cameras and controlled access.

Mo Specializes in keeping up to date with current technology changes in his sector and client relations to ensure all our clients get the best and most up to date systems for their needs.

Mohammed Bataineh

Jeffrey Rodrigues


Responsible for bidding our government contracts Jeffrey and his team ensure Affinnitti stays competitive with pricing and delivery of a vast variety of government contracts across multiple states.

Executive Admin and
Client Liaison

As the leader of our back – office Jennifer has developed a vast majority of our internal proprietary systems and measures that help ensure the timely and cost – effective delivery of projects to all our clients.

These systems ensure our clients have live up to date insights into their projects, this not only ensures the clients satisfaction but also enables them to modify their needs along the way avoiding potential waste of resources in changing projects after i t is too late.

Jennifer and her team also help ensure the right teams are dedicated to the right projects across all our many sectors of services and is responsible for communicating directly with our clients to ensure their every need is met.

Jennifer Statum